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I am a highly experienced specialist restorer of fine carved giltwood furniture and carved decoration, working to the highest standards.

I have a thorough understanding of the various design styles that have prevailed through the golden ages of the woodcarving trade, from the late 17th century through to the 19th century, and I fully understand all the traditional processes that have been used to create an object.

I understand the need to save and conserve as much original material as is possible on a period piece, but where it is necessary I will design, carve and match-in missing elements to seamlessly restore the original intentions of the maker.

I have worked on many fine pieces for some of the best names in the antique trade, as well as for private customers.

I am happy to work on the projects of other restorers with different specialities, such as cabinet makers.


Above showing a pair of Regency torcheres, before and after restoration and re-gilding.


Bespoke Commission:

In recent times commission work has become more frequent as the rarity and expense of fine antique carved furniture and objects becomes a problem for interior designers.

When the hurried production work from low-cost labour zones fails to meet the required standard, I can offer you a bespoke solution. For anybody in the market for fine replica work I would urge you to check photographs of finished work, not images of the fine antiques to be copied.

My skills and knowledge of period design enable me to produce the finest new pieces, which may be replicas, made up pairs, or a new design to fit a specific niche. I can produce mirrors, tables/consoles, seating and other decorative accessories, such as wall brackets.

I am happy to work to images offered by customers, and can offer my own designs or suggestions if required. Please email for a image with dimensions should be enough for an accurate estimate.


Architectural carvings:

All the above skills can be applied to carved wooden architectural ornament, such as mouldings, corbels, fire surrounds, etc. I can work to your requirements on new elements, or originate designs, and of course restore damaged or missing features correctly. 


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