MATTHEW PACK Carving & Gilding

I have been working as a professional wood carver and gilder now for 30 years. I followed my Father, Neil, into the trade, and the earlier years working along side him were dominated mainly by antique restoration work for various prestigious dealers of the times. This gave me the privilege of handling and working with many very fine pieces from the 18th century, undoubtedly the golden age of this trade, and this was a valuable learning experience and inspiration for me, as it would be for anyone interested in achieving excellence in this craft. My fascination and love for good carving will always stay with me.

In more recent times changes in the antiques world have caused that market to shrink dramatically and it no longer functions as an industry that can support a wider community of dealers and restorers at the same level. and so my skills have been transferred to meet other emerging demands, such as a call for high quality replicas and new designed furniture for interior designers. The restoration is still there but less, and making has now come to the fore. I have made many high quality replica mirrors, consoles, etc. both from scratch and in collaboration with others.